East Providence Hockey Team ‘Workout’

cw_cleanup1Look busy, the boss is coming

November 19th was the date that members of the East Providence Hockey Team performed community service at Hunts Mills. Coach Kevin Croke had 11 strong young men assist East Providence Historical Society members Jeff Faria and Dot Thornley with grounds clearing of both – the Hunt House and Caleb Williams cottage. The boys were split into two groups and cleared brush, turned the compost, removed overgrowth and even cleaned gutters at the cottage.

Are they working or hiding in the bushes?

After hot chocolate, each group received a tour of the museum by members Karen Panzarella, Cheryl Faria and President, Nancy Moore. Looking up parents in past yearbooks was a highlight of the museum, as was observing the new fish ladder and how it will function for fish spawning.

Definitely working

In a bit over 3 hours, compost was spread over flower beds and newly planted mountain laurels were nestled in for the winter.

Great job, team!

The Historical Society is grateful for the youthful approach these hockey kids brought to the site. Those in attendance were:

Keith Marquis
Casey Cullinan
Jared Estrella
Kyle Marquis
Tyler Maxwell
Ryan Barry
Kevin Hall
Marc LaValley
Ryan Delvao
Josh Letendre
Sean Feeney