Smithsonian Night at the Weaver Library – Members’ meeting with public invited

Crescent Park on the Ten Mile: “On the Road”

Crescent Park experts Ed Serowick Sr and Ed Serowick Jr spoke about the Looff Carousel horses and organ and provided additional informative tidbits throughout the meeting.

Members Dorothy Thornley, Reinhard Wohlgemuth, Deb Ormerod, and Nancy Moore talked about some “favorite” items in the Crescent Park exhibit.  Some of the public who attended also brought some Crescent Park memorabilia to share.

Photos by Becky Ellis

Welcome to Weaver Library by Joyce May

Dot shares what she loves about the carousel's Sandwich Glass windows

Dot shares what she loves about the carousel’s Sandwich Glass windows


Ed and Ed share their expertise about the carousel and the many ways they have maintained and saved it!


Ed Jr tells about the Carousel organ, 700 waltzes, fox trots, marches and more


Deb tells about her not so favorite figure from the “Rivers of Venice” exhibit.


Reinhard’s collection of publishers’ generic, FAKE postcards from “Crescent Park”!


Reinhard’s  collection of real  postcards from Crescent Park.

Audience discusses date of Cotton Candy sign

Audience discusses the date of the Cotton Candy sign


Dot’s photo of the light and glass reflections.

Actual glass at Looff Carousel

Actual Sandwich glass at the Crescent Park carousel