Fish Tales – Herring Run 2015


The top of the Hunts Mills fish ladder and the horseshoe dam


Herring running down river into the ladder at Hunts Mills


fish counters

Herring in ladder

Herring in Bettencourt ladder at Omega Pond ladder headed up river- Photo by ?

Photos here are of herring in the Bettencourt Ladder at Omega Pond running up the Ten Mile river, some as far as the Pawtucket Country Club (farthest in 80 years), and of herring on the way back to the Bay going down the ladder at Hunts Mills.  Also seen is a chart at Hunt House of the route the fish take and of people watching the ladder hoping to glimpse the fish. IMG_8041 IMG_8048 IMG_8033  DSC_0170 DSC_0227 Photos by Becky Ellis