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Heritage Gardening
at the Hunt House Museum
The Hunt House Museum is located on fourteen acres of land situated along the Ten Mile River in East Providence. The Hunt House is a manor house that was built in the 1750’s for John Hunt and his new bride, Rachel Carpenter. Both John and Rachel were descendants of the original land owners who first came to the area in the 1640’s. At the site are the remains of mills that were built there in 1643 to help establish a new community which is now called Rumford. The Museum, decorated and furnished with objects from the 1750’s era, is managed and maintained by the East Providence Historical Society. The Heritage Gardens at the Hunt House Museum are period gardens. They were established in 2000 from plans developed by Searle & Searle Associates. The City of East Providence has plans to establish walking trails and gardens in the 14 acres.

Heritage Garden Project Activities:
·        Update and maintain the period gardens and botanical signage and garden design plans at the site of the Hunt House Museum.
·        Work from a calendar of monthly projects, scheduled on the 1st Tuesday and 2nd Sunday of the month. Each project has a specific gardening focus, depending on the time of year.
·        Include the gardens as part of the tours given to visitors of the Hunt House Museum during the monthly open houses and to tours given to school children.
·        Engage and educate the Historical Society membership, Hunt House Museum visitors and the EP community about designing, planting, and maintaining heritage plants, with an emphasis on sustainable plants. This is done through on-site tours and a monthly article in the Gazette Newsletter and on the East Providence Historical Society website at ephist.org.
Volunteer gardeners meet from 2-4pm on the 2nd Sunday of the month during the Hunt House Museum Open House tours. We also meet on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 4-7 pm  where we work in the gardens from 4-6 and share a potluck meal in the gazebo from 6-7. We call it Wine and Weeding!

2017 Heritage Garden Work Dates:
2nd Sunday of the month from 2-4PM     Wine & Weeding 1st Tuesday 4-7pm

2nd Sunday 2-4​ Education Demo/Talks at 2:30​​​

1st Tuesday from 4-7
April 4 Soil Testing & Opening Gardens -Jeff Faria​​​
May 2 Planning & Planting Your Garden – Garden Crew​​
June 6 Historic Grounds Tour by – Ernie Germani​​​
July 11 Planning Your 2nd Harvest -Pat Volente & Barbara Levine​
August 1 Medicinal and Culinary Plants – Valerie Begin (TBC)​
September 5 Dividing Plants – Garden Crew​​​​
October 3 Preparing the Beds for Winter-Garden Crew​​​
​​​​​​​​​​November 7
New Gardeners are most welcome!
The Heritage Gardens are a URI Master Gardener project.



For more information, please contact Cheryl Faria  at cherylafaria@verizon.net  401-419-8682