The Marker Program of the East Providence Historical Society

Goals and objectives:
The East Providence Historical Society established a marker program for the city of East
Providence in 1993 to further its goal of encouraging public appreciation, knowledge, and
preservation of the heritage of our city. The program seeks to identify and mark structures of
historic and architectural significance in the city of East Providence, to raise public awareness of
and appreciation for such structures, and to encourage historically sensitive renovations of and
improvements to structures in the city.

Criteria used in determining eligibility:
Any building or structure located in the city of East Providence, RI, which contributes to the
historical development or architectural character of the city is eligible to be considered.
Preference is given to all structures built before 1930 and special consideration to those built
before 1860 or which contribute to the historical fabric of a neighborhood (e.g. Ring of the
Green, mill villages, Elm Tree Plat, Rose Land Park Plat).
Structures will be evaluated for :
*integrity of the original structure
*current quality of structure maintenance
*accuracy of restoration work
*sensitivity of alterations to the period of the building
In general, modernizations such as the addition of aluminum or vinyl siding is considered a
serious distraction from structural integrity.
Special consideration will be given to a significant structure which is in jeopardy of losing
architectural integrity through neglect, vandalism, demolition, public auction, unsympathetic
alterations or any other circumstances considered by the Marker Committee to be significant.
The property surrounding the structure, including landscaping and fencing, should be, in so far
as practical, in keeping with the original character of the building. The building does not
necessarily have to be on its original site.

Application  EPHS Marker Program Application – print or apply online

Open Google Form

Marker Program Application –  print and mail

Applicants are encouraged to submit with this application copies of any background information and photographs which will aid the Marker Committee in establishing the historical or architectural significance of the building. The date of construction and the names of the architect and builder are especially helpful. Information that does not fit within this form can be mailed to EPHS, P.O. Box 4774, East Providence, RI 02916-4774 or emailed to

Application Process
Applications will be reviewed by the Marker Committee of the East Providence Historical
Society. Applicants are asked to provide the chain of title for the property with the application.
This information is available from the assessor’s office in city hall. For buildings that predate the
information available from the city, additional research will be conducted by the EPHS.
Applicants are also encouraged to submit with the application copies of any background
information and photographs which will be of help to the committee in establishing the historical
or architectural significance of the structure, especially the date of construction.

Please fill out the form online or download and mail to:

Marker Program
East Providence Historical Society
P.O. Box 4774
East Providence, RI 02916-4774
Members of the Marker Committee may visit and photograph the exterior of any structure during
the review process.
There is no fee for applying, but applicants are encouraged to become members of the East
Providence Historical Society.
Awarding of a Marker
Applicants will be notified in writing of the committee’s decision. Reasons for a rejection or
suggestions for improvements to meet criteria for reapplication will be given.
A $100.00 fee for receiving a marker includes the actual cost of the marker and expenses to
verify the history of the structure. It also includes an individual one year membership to the East
Providence Historical Society.
A marker is awarded to a structure. Recipients are expected to continue to maintain the
standards under which the marker was awarded by the East Providence Historical Society.

If you have any questions, please contact the Marker Committee at