The East Providence Historical Society welcomes interesting stories of historical value for the monthly newsletter (The Gazette) and the website. If you would like to contribute an article for publication, please send to:

East Providence Historical Society
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This page serves as an index to a collection of historic stories.

Mr. Fittas Harmonica Band By Doreen Bonney
The Ball Point Pen By John Agren
Rainbow Girl By Doreen Bonney
The Slide Rule By John Agren
Snow Storm By George E. Kent
Memories of Riverside By Jeffrey Howe
Mondo and “Col-leej” By Doreen Bonney
A humorous incident By Frances Miller
Rumford Memory By Jim Robinson
Wilson Grammar School By John Agren
Hunt House Memory By Sister Mary McManus, S.S.C.
Babcock and Dolly By Robert Tetreault
Gone Fishing By John Agren
Merry-Go-Round By Joe MacDougald
The White Rock Spring By George E. Kent
A Significant Event By John Agren
Union Primary School By Joe MacDougald
A Midwinter Night By George E. Kent