Top from Iron Clock

Clock Top

The iron clock standing at the entrance to the Crescent Park Carousel today has had a long and traveled history. The clock started out in the 1890’s in front of Sullivan’s Bar at the lower end of Warren Avenue beside the ramp to the old Washington Bridge. The building, which still stands, back then was across from the Railroad station. Across the top of the clock was a wrought iron decorative frame which held the sign, “Sullivan Bros”.

During the 1920’s the ownership of the building changed and the bar became a restaurant, the Washington Lunch. At that time the glass sign insert was changed to “Washington”. In the 1930s and ’40s the Jacques family owned the restaurant and the sign was changed to “Jacque’s Lunch”. The sign was very ornate and could be lit up.

In the 1950’s the Pascalides family owned Giovanni’s Restaurant in Riverside near the Square and were instrumental in having the clock moved to the Square. Unfortunately someone drove into the clock and the ornate sign frame was broken. A new rectangular two-sided sign was made and the name Riverside Businessmen’s Assoc. was inserted. Later the clock was moved to the Carousel and the sign was removed and is now in the Hunt House Museum in a new wooden frame which lights up.