A humorous incident

Somewhere about the 1960’s, I was shopping in the old Six Corner’s stores. If I remember right, there was a Barbara’s candy store, a cleansers, a hardware store, a dress shop (forgot the name) and I think a store that dealt with leather goods.

Anyway, I parked my black Ford and went into the candy store and bought a box of chocolates. I wanted to go into the dress store, so I put the box of chocolates on the front seat of my car (we didn’t lock them in those days) and went along.

When I was through, I went to my car and the box of chocolates wasn’t there! Then I noticed the car in back of me was a black car similar to mine and there was my box of chocolates. I hurriedly grabbed it out and, with a red face, scurried home. Fortunately, nobody noticed but I never forgot that incident.